Thursday, July 31, 2008

more wedding pics

Courtesy of my mother, here are a few more wedding photos. This is Brad & Lisa just after having been pronounced husband and wife.

And here they are cutting the cake.

My handsome little brother (that's me in the background).

And my other handsome brother in the dark shirt. I wanted to show the pew bow, one of 8 I made that decorated the sanctuary.

That's all, folks.


Kate said...

I wish you'd done something for my wedding - it was a bit rubbish. I'll have to post a pic as it seems to be all the rage!
Of course we can deal. Do you mean Cath Kidston by any chance? xx

CG said...

i do love wedding photos, your pew decorations are stunning

Denise said...

Spotted you! Always get a camera hogger at weddings! LOL!
Great bow!

Julie said...

Beautiful bride, handsome groom,lovely guests and a stunning pew bow! The little church looks lovely too.

Kate said...

Me again - it's awards time on my blog, and there's one for you!! xx