Friday, March 27, 2009

we only thought it was spring--blizzard ahead

I'm getting rather sick of winter weather, especially since we've had such a nice bit of spring in between. We're forecast for up to 15" of snow here today (blizzard warning) and no one is thrilled. Except for the kids, of course.

I had nice daffodils and crocus blooming. This should put paid to that. However, starting on Sunday we will be in another warm up so at least the white stuff won't stay around long. And we really do need the moisture.

It has been announced that Art in the Garden will not be held this year. It went on for eight years running, so it's not surprising that in this small community they were running out of willing gardeners. Maybe it can turn into an every-other-year event. I hope it doesn't go away altogether. So I have (hopefully) three art shows this year. That's still plenty.

I hope it's more clement weather where you are!


Genie said...

I'm with you really fed up with winter, we had spring last week.
today is cold and wet.
Have a great weekend

Julie said...

Hope you don't get lost under all that snow Susan ;o) supposed to be cold here tomorrow too. Maybe we'll miss Spring and just go straight to Summer?

CG said...

We've gone back to winter too but fortunately no snow! Keep safe and warm!!