Sunday, April 5, 2009

at last, a couple of photos

Courtesy of my mother, who let me borrow her little uploading gizmo, I finally have a couple of recent jewelry photos to post. Even then, the color isn't very good but you'll get the idea. The first is a series of three necklaces, kind of all on a theme, five short strands of mixed pearls and crystals, finished with bead cones and chain to the back of the neck, then closed with lobster clasps. I thought they turned out rather well.

This (or something similar) is what I will send to be juried to the Flinthills Symphony art show soon. The silver pendant was made with PMC impressed with Kansas prairie grass for the texture, then set with a champagne CZ.

Since our big snowfall last weekend we had two smaller ones, including this morning. Yesterday it was 75 degrees, today 40 with snow. Argh.


Aussie Jo said...

I love the colours in your pearl necklets, and that lovely pendant.
Sounds like you're over winter weather, we're just heading in to the cold weather. It was 11 degrees C this morning and windy and raining but my boys still went for a surf! They tell me the water is warm. My children would like some snow but we never get it here on the coast.

Genie said...

Hi Susan
Lovely Jewellery
Hope the weather warms up for you soon!
have a good week

Julie said...

That impressed prairie grass looks wonderful. Amazing how the weather can swing so quickly isn't it. Good luck with the juried show.

CG said...

As always, your work is lovely!

Maureen said...

Hi Sue, love those necklaces, especially the gold tones. Hope you have a good Easter.