Thursday, November 15, 2007

Red creeper

I think my friend and fellow blogger Jules is influencing me. She has a great camera setup and is married to a more or less professional photographer (whose work is also wonderful, by the way) and regularly posts gorgeous photos, a lot of which are taken in her own garden. Her blog is at

This isn't in my garden, but when I was on an early morning trip to the grocery store to buy milk for breakfast this morning I spied this gorgeous red creeper on the wall of a nearby building. I stopped later on my way to work and snapped some photos. I will undoubtedly be making headlines soon as the weird lady who stops in the middle of town and takes pictures of things no one else is interested in. I think I can deal with that.

I hope to be putting people into costumes at BCPE rehearsal tonight and have some photos to post tomorrow.

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CG said...

Good for you! Take photos wherever you want and don't mind the funny looks. Thanks for your kind words {{HUGS}}