Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas cards and other minor irritants

I'm actually going to get my Christmas cards out in advance of the holiday this year, it seems. I love everything about Christmas cards--poring over catalogs of choices, finding just the right ones for how I'm feeling that year, receiving them from others--everything, that is, except actually sitting down and writing them out, which is kind of important if you want the recipients to know they're from you. Last year, in spite of good intentions, I didn't get them sent at all. I missed doing them before Christmas so I thought I'd wait and do a New Years greeting instead (lame I know, but better than nothing) but that didn't happen either. Oh well, at least I didn't have to buy all new cards for this year's mailing. My major snag this time was getting my boys all in one place at one time and in a reasonable state of appearance to have their picture taken for inclusion in the greetings. Finally today I put my foot down, handed them combs, changed a couple of shirts, and told them to hold still and not poke each other for five seconds. The result is below.

From the left: Dylan (7), Adam (20) and Christopher (17)

I purchased a poinsettia from our local children's choir fundraiser. It's really lovely.

I have a collection of Santa figures, ranging from the classic American Santa Claus to Father Christmas and Victorian St. Nick. This is one of the jolly old elves.

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CG said...

I can't believe you have a 20 year old son! Where did those years go? A very handsome trio indeed, and I love your poinsettia and the jolly Santa :)