Sunday, December 9, 2007

Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Well, after seeing Dylan through his virus and catching it myself (of course), finishing the show, doing the Christmas Cottage at Dylan's school, and having a fairly miserable week at work trying to get well, I'm back at it. I said I'd post some cast photos of BCPE, so here they are.

These are mostly Herdman kids, Imogene, Ralph, Leroy, Claude, and Gladys. Maxine is in the background.

This is Imogene (Kara) and Gladys (Alyson), adorable girls who played their roles extremely well.

Two of our baby angels. They were precious.

Dylan REALLY got into playing Ollie Herdman. Sometimes I had to remind him it was just a role.

Gladys (Alyson) as the Angel of the Lord.

Staci and Pippa, mugging for the camera.

Our wonderful director, Shannon, doing what she does so well, which is connecting with kids.

And finally, since I haven't cat blogged for awhile, here's one of our three not-so-small kittens.
Rusty, living dangerously.

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CG said...

Fantastic photos; those children are adorable! LOL at Dylan; he is a real performer. Glad to know your cats are a bit mad too!