Thursday, November 20, 2008

knitting up a storm

I've made a few yarn purchases lately, on e-bay. This is a wool/silk blend. I love the colors.

This one is Icelandic wool. It's on my needles now, going to be a felted purse. It had to be pink, of course.

I was intrigued by this. It is strips of silk fabric, torn and tied together at the ends, for knitting. It is apparently waste silk that ends up on the floor in the process of making garments, etc. I like the idea of taking something left over and making something beautiful out of it. This will probably become a scarf.

I've knitted my mother a couple of chemo caps. She doesn't need them yet, her chemotherapy doesn't begin for another month. She continues to do marvelously, by the way, healing quickly and basically she's back to her routine. We will be having Thanksgiving next week at her house as usual, with about 23 people coming for dinner! I'm helping cook, so that will be fun.
Hope you're all having a wonderful week.


Genie said...

Hi Susan
love the colours, especially the silk,Glad your mum is doing well.

Julie said...

So glad to hear your Mum is doing well.

Your shopping looks wonderful, especially the silk pieces.

melicia's fiber art and mixed media said...

Oh Susan, these look so yummy!

liz said...

Just catching up with blog reading again:) You look really scary in your halloween outfit! Love all your knitting.

Maureen said...

The Noro yarns look lovely. Looking forward to the bag arriving!!!!

Yummers! said...

The colors in your beautiful yarn match your Blog header colors.

The silk fabric strips sound like lots of fun with lots of possiblities.

Enjoy your new finds!

CG said...

What stunning colours.
I am so pleased to hear your brave Mum is doing well. Please give her my love and a big hug!!

Robin Mac said...

I hadn't thought of knitting the Sari strips - I have used them on the embellisher quite a bit, I love the yummy colours. Great to know your Mum is doing so well. Happy thanksgiving. Cheers, Robin

Moogsmum said...

So pleased to hear your Mum is doing so well Susan.

Gorgeous yarns you have there!!