Friday, January 2, 2009

a new year's birthday (almost)

Happy birthday today to my brother Brad. Here he is with my niece Brooke. He is a loving, thoughtful, and gentle man.

And here are a few photos of the commissioned work in progress. It's coming along and I'm pretty OK with it so far, although I feel I have a ways to go as far as finishing touches. This started with a base of fabric paper a la Beryl Taylor (my hero) and is actually three 20" x 20" panels. This one is the final panel. The little door opens, too, to show a little vignette within.

This is the first panel in the series, not finished obviously. I've enjoyed adding 3-D and interactive bits to these pieces.

This is a gothic arch made for this project by my very talented uncle out of wood and embellished by moi. The name of the piece in toto is "Through Open Doors", hence all the references to doors and door-related things. The panels will be mounted on artist boards for ease in hanging.

And since it is Friday, and since I haven't posted a cat photo lately, here is Romeo in a box that originally held a shipment of Christmas packages.

Have a great day, everyone.


Genie said...

Hi Sue
love the collage, still not quite over this flu bug,takes a while to go

CG said...

Brad and Brooke are great. And your project looks amazing :)

Maureen said...

Looking good Sue.

Yummers! said...

I love the collage... what a lot of work! You are really talented! I love doors... they fascinate me!

Hi Romeo! What's a home without a cat? Our Gabby loved all the Christmas wrappings and ribbons.

Happy 2009!