Thursday, February 19, 2009

congratulations to dylan

On the very day of Adam and Emily's reception Dylan participated in his boy scout troop's pinewood derby and came in SECOND!! He was so excited and proud. So we had lots to celebrate on that day.

We're gradually getting back to normal around here post wedding. I've been able to spend some time in my studio creating things, and have taken the plunge and purchased a small electric kiln to fire my PMC pieces and maybe try some warm glass techniques. I'm very excited to get it, and so is Christopher who has been wanting a kiln for his own glass projects. Should be fun.

I've been enjoying getting more or less caught up on people's blogs. If anyone is on facebook, I'm there too as of a few weeks ago. We can be buddies!


CG said...

Well done Dylan!!

Moogsmum said...

Congratulations Dylan - he does look very proud!

Can't wait to see what lovely PMC goodies you make with your new kiln.


Genie said...

Congratulations Dylan , and to proud mum

Maureen said...

Really well done, Dylan. Exciting getting your kiln Sue.

Julie said...

Congratulations Dylan! Well done you!