Friday, August 29, 2008

last chance

Later today I will conduct the drawing for the carnelian/agate/pearl necklace pictured in yesterday's post. Actually, I will let Dylan do the actual draw. He gets a kick out of that! However, you have from now until I arrive home from work (around 5:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time USA) to post a comment here and thereby put your name in the running.

The upcoming weekend is a federal holiday weekend so we have Monday off. Good thing, because I must take my "Mermaid's Treasure" necklace to the Kansas State Fair, which runs September 5-14. If you don't know what necklace I mean, look at my blog header. I will be spending the balance of the weekend working on my last pieces for the fiber show being hung Sept. 10, and also organizing pieces I want to send to a gallery in Lincoln, KS which is hosting VAAM Gallery members in a special exhibit. Fortunately I can send older pieces to Lincoln so I'm not having to come up with all new pieces for both shows. That would be absolute murder.

I hate posting with no photos, so I'm including one of a huge Kansas thunderhead, kyped from here. We could sure use what this cloud promises--lots of rain.

Hope your weekend is fabulous.


Maureen said...

Have a good weekend and enjoy your crafting, love that necklace, is it for a competition or just an exhibit?

Julie said...

Amazing photograph Susan. I hope you get the rain you're waiting for. Have a great holiday weekend. xx

Debbi Baker said...

Enjoy your weekend! And I like what you did with the scarves on the previous post.

Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Susan, I have given you the Creative blog award. see my blog :)

Agnes the Red said...

That's one stunning cloud photo!