Tuesday, August 5, 2008

new fridge?

We may be shopping for a new refrigerator in the near future. Our current model we've had for 11+ years and it's showing signs of age, i.e. the shelves in the door cracking and the little slats designed for keeping salad dressing and mayo bottles/jars in place keep coming off when the door is opened, causing everything to cascade to the floor with a crash which is becoming more than my nerves can take. The photo above is representational only. I have no idea what kind of fridge we'll eventually get. The old fridge still chills well and runs fine, so we'll probably clean it up and give it to a local charity that provides needy folks with decent used appliances.
Although I'm still in the jewelry making mode, I'm looking at future fiber/mixed media projects. Robin's blog shows a darling pair of fairy shoes which I'm very tempted to try. I'd seen other examples of these elsewhere and wanted to make some, so perhaps it's getting to be time. They're teeny--only about 3 inches long. If you google "fairy (or faery) shoes" you can find more photos from other sites. I could make several pairs for the upcoming fiber exhibit. They'd be different, anyway.
It continues very hot and humid here, but we're supposed to be getting some relief tomorrow and through the rest of the week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Robin Mac said...

So glad you liked the fairy shoes - they are very popular with averyone here who has seen them so I shall be making lots more.

I feel for you buying a new fridge - when we had to replace ours last year we were restricted to one particular brand and model - it was the only one which would fit in the space - all the manufacturers had changed the height of fridges since our kitchen had been remodelled 18 years ago - we weren't happy!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

What is it with 'white goods'? My washing machine has just died so we have had to spend out a small fortune on a new one. Grrrr! Unfortunately we can't do without one, not when we are about to go to the coast for 10 days. Imagine coming home with all that laundry and no machine...
The fairy shoes are gorgeous. I've been meaning to subscribe to 'workshop on the web' for ages. These shoes could be just the inspiration I need. I want to get more creative and experimental but it's what to do with the fabrics I create. Shoes would be perfect. :o)