Wednesday, September 17, 2008

another one down

Last night I delivered six pieces to the VAAM Gallery to be transported today to the gallery in Lincoln, KS for the exchange exhibit between our gallery and theirs. Of those six pieces only two hadn't been displayed before, which isn't a big deal but I always like to put newer work in a new exhibit. Several of the pieces have been pictured on this blog in the past.

This is "Dreamgirl". I really need to make more dolls, especially since Ethel & Edna have been showing off their lovely fabric cuties lately.

This piece is one I did using some painting resist techniques a la Maggie Grey, who is such an inspiration I can't even describe. I've used corrugated copper shim at the centers of the colorful fabric pieces.

This piece is called "Postcards" and was made by embellishing, painting, cutting, burning, beading, couching, and stamping (and probably a few more things I can't remember) a piece of fabric, then cutting it into roughly equal sized pieces and stitching them to a large piece of quilted black fabric. I did use quite a bit of copper shim stitched into this piece. It gets a lot of positive comments.

I really feel a sense of accomplishment at having readied these 13 total pieces for the two exhibits. Now I will be focusing on making beaucoup pieces for Artful Taste of Autumn coming up October 11. This has historically been a good moneymaker for me, so I'm concentrating on what sells at this show, namely jewelry and hand dyed silk scarves. Actually I've expanded my hand dyed repertoire (how about that--two French words in the same paragraph!) to include silk hair scrunchies and ladies' cotton undies and bamboo silk socks. We'll see how that goes. They may end up on etsy!

Thank you all for your comments on my fiber hanging at the VAAM Gallery, and for your sympathetic thoughts for my workmate and her family on the loss of their daughter. We're doing what we can here to support and love them through this terrible time.


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Yay!! Fab dolly girl. Is she a Patti Medaris pattern? I am having 'fun' with those ball joints at the moment. :o)

Genie said...

Lovely work and a smashing Doll

CG said...

It's aLL feast for the eyes :)