Monday, September 29, 2008

awol again

In spite of good intentions I have not blogged all weekend. It was the weekend of the annual McPherson Scottish Festival, however, so maybe that's a good reason. I do help some with the festival, primarily on Sunday when I host the dance exhibition tent. I've become friends with the Irish dance instructor who brings her talented and agile students each year. She and I have been talking about me designing and producing a silver brooch for her dancers based on the school's insignia below, which would be a fun thing to do. I'd be working with the bit in the middle.

Could be a challenge.

David and Dylan went to the festival, which has a lot of fun kids activities including a miniature highland games. All in all a fun weekend.

I dusted off my knitting needles and tried my hand at making narrow scarves that seem to be all the rage with young girls these days. I used a skein of recycled silk fibers in variegated colors and a skein of space dyed eyelash yarn. Because they're only 8-10 stitches wide they knit up very fast. I use fairly large needles to keep the scarves airy and loosely knit. For as long as it has been since I've knitted anything at all (I actually used to make socks at one point in my career) I didn't do too bad, although I had to be reminded how to bind off my work when I was done! I will post photos of the scarves.

Have a great Monday everyone.


Maureen said...

You are such a busy lady Sue!!!

CG said...

Well, you have been busy. Am looking forward to seeing the scarves.