Tuesday, September 16, 2008

fiber art invitational exhibit

The VAAM Gallery is currently featuring an exhibit of member and guest fiber artists. I have several pieces in the show. This one, called "Fragments of the Dream" might look familiar to those of you who follow my blog. I'm happy this looks so good actually hung up. I was a bit concerned there for awhile. It looks particularly well with the woven pieces displayed below it, made by fellow VAAM artist, weaver Ann Haritatos.

This piece, actually two separate pieces, are called "Strange Magic I & II". Don't ask where I come up with the names of my pieces. Sometimes they just occur to me while I'm working them.
This is actually a leftover bit from an earlier piece, hence its name "Remnants". Reflection off the glass is one reason I don't like to frame my art. Also, I think it feels confining.

This is as close to traditional quilting as I'm likely to get. This piece has cast water soluble paper pieces at the centers of the squares. It is called "B", because the top cast paper piece was made over a rubber stamp of the letter B. Lame, I know.

Here's a closeup showing the cast paper bit better.

This is actually a set of ATCs I made some time ago and mounted on a painted canvas for this exhibition. The piece is called "Spring Green".

This one is called "Lunar Quilt" and is made from dyed and stitched handmade paper mounted on a painted canvas.

In spite of this beautiful show I am feeling sad today because of the death of the daughter of a co-worker and former classmate of mine. The girl was just 8 years old and her passing was quite unexpected. I just don't know what to say or do for this family, except to ask for prayers and thoughts.


CG said...

I was so enjoying the beautiful art and then i read the end of your post. How tragic!

liz said...

Yes, I felt the same, what lovely art, particularly like the mounted ATCs, and what sad news.

Maureen said...

Such sad news Sue, but be assured your pieces are wonderful.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Goodness there is so much sadness in the world and indeed in the world of blog at the moment. That is the third untimely death I've read about in recent days. It's so very sad when a child is taken.

Your work, however, is beautiful. I so wish there were mor exhibitions like this near where I live. The only ones we seem to get are post-examination shows.

Genie said...

Agree with the others Sue, such sad news, But lovely work from you

Kate said...

It's awful. I feel for your friend, and you. Particularly as you will remember me writing about the teenage boy who died on the first day back at school. It turned out that he did it himself (as I had feared) which I think is the worst. I hope your friend and her family find some peace and comfort soon, which I suppose is the best we can all pray for. **hugs**

ena said...

Congratulations to all you do, are beautiful and interesting your work