Friday, September 5, 2008

going to the fair

This Sunday my family and I are heading to the Kansas State Fair, just a few miles away in Hutchinson. Above is a photograph of the fair's midway, although the fair is supposed to be about more than carnival rides. We will give the kids some money to spend on rides but we will concentrate more on the exhibits in various buildings, of which my necklaces are a small part. The weather is forecast to be really quite nice for the weekend, with some possible showers but with temperatures under 80 F. Beautiful for early September here.

The judging for the professional arts category took place yesterday but I don't know yet if I took any prizes. I will, of course, let you know. I plan to take my camera. I hope my knee holds up--there's a lot of walking involved and I have a knee which undoubtedly needs some professional orthopedic attention, probably surgery. Some days it does better than others but by the end of the fair experience I'll probably be in a lot of pain. Erg.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Genie said...

Have a great weekend, Fingers crossed re Prizes.
can you send us some of the Sun, we are getting waterlogged over here.

CG said...

That looks exactly like the photos I took of the Sonoma County fair! Have a great time xx

Maureen said...

Keeping fingers crossed that you get an award, you really should as it is a lovely piece. We have torrential rain here in the uk for last 2 days and also forecast over the weekend so yours has got to be better than ours.

Kate said...

Can't wait to hear if you won anything! Hope you did! And that the fair was fun, of course. It's always the taking part that really counts!! (Unless you win, in which case it's all about the winning!!)
I don't know about your fair, obviously, but in the show we entered a couple of years ago the judging surprised me - and my MiL expressed the same feelings about this year's show; they pick the oddest things to win sometimes! It can be hard to see what their criteria is. So if you don't win, by some small chance, it'll be because the judges are idiots. WE all think you're a winner! (For all the good that'll ever do you!!) xx

Susan said...

Good luck with the fair! Please don't stress your knee....get one of those cute little riding seats and enjoy all the exhibitions. I can't believe I'm going to miss our State Fair this year. I love all the buildings...even the chickens!
PS Thanks for stopping by my blog too! No, I've not experienced any psychological fallout from the robbery....thank goodness!