Friday, January 11, 2008


That's what my dad says when things all happen at once, which is kind of what I'm feeling like these past couple of days.

I have a very good friend who has commissioned me to do a fiber piece for a specific spot in her home. She has other pieces of mine as well and she actually has them prominently displayed, so I guess she really does like my work. I'm flattered, of course, and anxious to get started.

Also, today I was asked to do a workshop in conjunction with VAAM's fiber invitational exhibition later this year. Again, I'm honored to do it, now I just have to figure our how!

Add to that the fact that I've been selling jewelry left and right on e-bay, and I really don't have time to be depressed any more! Thanks to those of you who wrote encouraging posts the other day. I truly am feeling better.

This is a juicy bit from a piece I've already posted. I love the color combo.

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CG said...

What a great saying and a lovely piece. I'm so glad you're feeling better! {{HUGS}}