Tuesday, January 22, 2008

play day

Yesterday, since Dylan had the day off from school and since I had a personal day from '07 to use or lose, we stayed home by ourselves. Dylan was happy to be in a house free of his older brothers who typically exert a rather damping influence on his activities. I was happy because I had time to PLAY! (OK, I thought I'd clean my bedroom too, but that didn't happen.)

I made a large sheet of fabric paper with muslin as the base, then a layer of tissue paper and strips of fabrics and papers, then a layer of the cheesecloth I dyed forest green the other day. I'm not done with this but it's a good beginning. This will be part of the commissioned piece I'm working on.

I got brave and put a piece of iron-in pellon through my printer (with many thanks to Maggie Grey and k baxter packwood) and achieved the following:

The original photo is of an angel statue in a cemetary. I added stitch and twinkling H2O paints, plus a fiber wrapped bamboo skewer down the side. I don't think she's finished, but we'll see.

This piece was achieved by printing onto the iron-on side of Heat N Bond, then ironing the image onto metal shim. I love the look on her face. I stitched on a strip of hand dyed silk and a sliver of crimped shim that had been heated to give a patina. I think this is COOL!!


CG said...

Well, I didn't know anything like this was possible. It's looking good. Much more satisfying than cleaning the bedroom??

Elizabeth said...

You are doing the things that I want to explore!! I am thrilled that you found my blog so NOW I know about yours!!
Isn't it odd taht we can be so intimidated by certain techniques and then once we get brave enough to take a chance, we find that we have walked into a whole new realm of creative possibility!!!! I love it when that happens!!!

little sort of lady thing called Granny said...

Love the results of your 'play'. The cleaning wil keep .... keep on playing!

Dianne said...

The images look fantastic - I might have to try these!! Thanks for the inspiration.