Sunday, January 27, 2008


It's a good thing I can do more than one thing at once. I have been more productive after supper tonight than I have the rest of the weekend, completing the postcards I'll be sending to Lesley, Jules, and Elizabeth, dyeing several pieces of cotton velveteen for a future project (using 12 different proscion colors, no less), and getting another step done on the background for my commissioned piece. Whew!

About those postcards, here are some teasers. I will post full pictures of the cards when the recipients actually have them because I don't want to spoil their surprise.

Here's one:

...and the second...

...and last but not least...

I'm going to be mailing them over the next day or two, so if you are Jules, Lesley, or Elizabeth you can be expecting a parcel from me!

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