Thursday, January 17, 2008

dye experiments

I hauled out my procion dyes last night and had at a piece of cheesecloth, but it didn't turn the color I was hoping for. I think, since I'm dying cotton, I might just go with Rit dyes instead. Cheaper, certainly, and I think better for cotton. My hands, of course look thoroughly disreputable today.

Tiger, our apparently stupid cat, spent all of Tuesday night and most of Wednesday up a tree because he wouldn't come down on his own and had to wait to be rescued. The tree he gets stuck in on a regular basis is an old huge walnut tree and he goes farther up than the top of our house. Whoever gets him down (not me) has to use the big extension ladder and work from the 4' deck off the back of the house because even the extension ladder isn't tall enough. He was rescued twice on Tuesday, then just blithely went up the tree again. Adam, my oldest son (actually 21 years old today!), was the hero with my second son Chris steadying the ladder. It snowed yesterday so Tiger was thoroughly miserable by the time he came in the house. I hope he's learned his lesson.

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