Thursday, January 31, 2008

what i need is one more project!

A couple more elements for my commissioned piece. First, a photo of a doorway printed onto fusible pellon. I love the fact that the door is ajar.

This is a swatch of anaglypta (paintable) wallpaper border. I have used this before in a couple of projects and absolutely love it. I saw it in some of Beryl Taylor's work and combed the internet until I found it. I have painted this with Sparkling H2O watercolor in nutmeg. I may or may not highlight with gilding wax.
Because the commissioned piece requires me to let things dry/cure/sit for hours, I wanted something else to do and started digging through my fabric stash, the warm colors box this time. I really have way too much fabric. These are only a tiny portion of one box. (Yes, that's my disreputable looking ironing board cover for the background. What do you expect from a crafty person? You ought to see the old cover!)

Sample A

Sample B

Sample C (OK, so the greens aren't warm colors. I needed a contrast.)

I decided to make some little boxes, pattern available at the Quilting Arts website. I could hardly decide on just a few fabrics, but finally settled on three for the inside and three for the outside. The only trouble now is deciding which three for which...

these, or...

these? Since Dylan has his school music program tonight I probably won't get a lot done in my studio, so I'll have a bit of time to think about it. Happy Thursday everybody!


CG said...

You have such cool ideas for combining materials and i LOVE these colours!

Libby said...

I think you are right . . . this is the board that inspired it all *s* Thanks for stopping by.