Thursday, January 24, 2008

can one catch a virus over the internet?

Urg. I think I've caught Mixed Media Julie's lurgy. I love that word; it's absolutely descriptive of how I feel. My head aches and my tummy is none too sure on its feet. My mom was feeling bad for me so she stopped over with some medicine and hugs. Amazing that someone of my advanced age still benefits from mom's caregiving. Thanks, Mama.

I have consumed an entire pot of strong Yorkshire Gold tea with plenty of sugar. If my UK pals are correct (and I'm sure they are) there's nothing better for you when you're feeling poorly. I shall report back on it's restorative effects.

I love having heard from several of you bloggers lately, so much so that I want to put up for grabs three artist's postcards, one to each of the first three people to comment on this particular post. I haven't actually made them yet (well, they're started but not finished) so they'll be a surprise. May the quickest on the uptake win.

Hope you're all feeling better than I am!


Lesley said...

Oh my word, am i really first?

Hope you feel better very soon! Thanks for admiring my clean floors - I just had to post pics as they so rarely look that good!!!!

CG said...

Am i second?? Get well soon. Yorkshire Tea is the best!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for your wonderufl comments on my blog!! I hope taht the Tea works!! Poor You!!
I guess that I make three!!!

mrsnesbitt said...

Yorkshire tea!
Well, ofcouse it is the very best!

Glad you are feeling better.