Tuesday, September 4, 2007

back to reality

It was lovely having three days to be in my studio uninterrupted by having to go to my day job. However, since I enjoy my place of employment and co-workers it isn't really a hardship to go back.

I didn't accomplish too much in the way of cleaning up my studio (I know, naughty me) because early in the process I discovered a half-finished papier-mache bowl and decided to embellish it with an interesting patination process a' la Maggie Grey. Thanks to her wonderful photographs and descriptions of the process, I think it is turning out pretty much as it should. When I'm exploring a technique new to me it helps me to make something close to the original idea, then branch out from there. So Maggie, when I post a photo that looks a lot like your original, understand that it will be used for my personal edification only. Anything I put for public display or for sale may be based on your techniques but won't look like a copy of your work. I'm wondering, too, how on earth you figure out some of the processes you use. You seem to have more of an understanding of chemistry than I do. You're one intrepid woman.

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CG said...

Oh dear, going back to work ...I'm back on Thursday! Am looking forward to seeing the finished bowl!