Monday, September 3, 2007

the hanging is hung

Whew! I finally finished the last piece for the fiber show at about 8 this morning, having been working on it since 6:30 after being up stitching til 11:30 last night. I don't have a photo to post yet, but I'll take the digicam to The Gallery when the exhibit is up and photograph it in situ.

This handmade collage book is in the show, too. Here are photos of the front cover and a couple of the inside pages.

I included four hand torn signatures in the book, embellishing only the first page in each signature. The rest of the pages are blank for journaling.

Here is another felted wool bowl, embellished with beading and stitch. It is really more fuschia than either of these photos show. By the way, the faint check pattern visible in these photos is my mother's kitchen tablecloth showing through the drape! I'm such a professional photog, you know.

I'm afraid now it's time to clean up my studio although that's a relative term, to be sure. My studio isn't ever really CLEAN. How on earth would I find anything? :-)

Thanks so much to Jules, my pen-friend of many years standing, for visiting and making kind comments, and for promising to put a link to my blog on hers, which shows her lovely photographs. She's the real professional photographer, believe me. Check it out at And hello to Dianne from "downundah"! Thanks for visiting my humble blog.

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CG said...

Wow, this are just beautiful, susan. You are so talented and how on earth do you find time in your busy life? {{HUGS}}