Thursday, September 27, 2007

bad blogger

This is only my second post this week and I can't even use the excuse that I've been spending the rest of my time in the studio. It's just everything else that's happened intruding on blogging and studio time, and to an extent on sleeping time, too.

Dylan is with my mother today, having gone home from school with what may be strep throat. Ick. We'll know later when we get the results of the strep screen at the doctor's lab. At any rate it will probably mean a round of antibiotics for him.

I fully intend to spend a great deal of time creating this weekend, and will post photos of the results, whatever they may be. Stay tuned.

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CG said...

I won't be blogging today - sometimes work gets in the way LOL and I also need to take or at least edit some more photos. Hope Dylan is ok!