Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday night--finished and unfinished projects

Blogging has been lighter than I would have liked this week, but sometimes real life intrudes on the blogosphere.

This is the bowl I reworked because I wasn't happy with the gilded finish. I think it is much improved. I understand the patinating process a lot better after experimenting with it a bit, and the metallic highlights are under much better control.

This angle catches some of the gilded interior of the bowl, which is just gold metallic rub-on over matte black acrylic paint. Amazing what you can do with some old newspaper and a bit of glue. Click on images for closeups.

This bit is for my friend Jules. I've got the bare bones of the photo project going here, with blue dupioni silk for the background and marbled handmade Thai paper in the fore. Obviously a long way from complete, but you can get an idea of the colors.

I want to say thanks to Jules for continuing to look at my blog and contribute encouraging comments, and to Maggie G. for answering my technical questions at her blogsite and for being such an incredible inspiration. Also, thanks to my hometown friends and fellow artists who are dropping by my site nowadays, and also to my mother who always thinks whatever I do is wonderful. Love you, Mom.


CG said...

Ooh, that artwork from my photo looks wonderful! love the bowl too. And your mum sounds a very special lady!!

jlpotter said...

Sweet Sue!
This is your mother.....thank you for the mention!
I love your do so have a way with words, as well as other creative things! Love you, too!