Sunday, September 30, 2007

The last Sunday in September

Sunday morning, and playing hookey from church. Not really--Dylan still isn't quite up to par and I don't want him around any more germs than necessary. He did not have strep however, just a viral throat infection. He's been sleeping late, eating what he wants, and just generally taking it easy. Back to school tomorrow, though.

I have used my time this weekend to good advantage, finishing up some PMC pieces and making them into finished wearable jewelry. More pendants to show today, in various permutations. The long piece on the left had to be fired twice, but it turned out well, I think. I've used liver of sulfur to patina all but the fern pendant; on that I used Black Max.

I've used either rubber stamps or rubber texture mats to do these pieces, which I shall take to Artful Taste of Autumn in October. That's only two weeks away. Yikes! Good thing I've ordered more PMC.

I'm planning on taking my digital camera to Artful Taste of Autumn. I want to post photos so I can share a bit of the evening's events with people online. It really is such a great time, and the setting is absolutely perfect.

Lastly, here's that elusive Romeo, in his little kitty bower on the deck. My DH wants me to tell you that, appearances to the contrary, Romeo does indeed have a tail.

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