Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Projects

I'm feeling a bit at loose ends since I'm done with the push for the fiber show. I did manage to do some sorting out and putting away yesterday, although my work table is still a disaster. Seems like I never have more than about two square feet of actual workspace with stuff piled up encroaching on me from all directions.

I've been perusing various of my wonderful books looking for new worlds to conquer. I think I'll play with some techniques I haven't tried before. Maggie Grey's Workshop on the Web has some wonderful ideas on things to do with metal. I've had metal sheets laying around my workshop for a long time and have only recently begun fiddling with it. Maybe that's where I'll start. Beryl Taylor is another very innovative artist who pulls in materials you'd never think of and utilizes them in intriguing ways. One thing she uses is Crayola's Model Magic, stamping into it to give texture, then painting and gilding it. Turns out cool. I've done a bit of that myself, so I'll try to post some photos of my efforts.

The bowl I refered to earlier is shaping up, although I think I went a bit overboard on the gilding. I used Shiva Paintstix (or Markal, if that's what you know them by) and I think I was a bit heavy handed. Oh well, that's what practice is all about.

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CG said...

Can't wait to find out what you'll do with the metal sheets :)