Saturday, September 22, 2007

a busy weekend

This is Scottish Festival weekend in my town. We have an extra 6000 or so people in town to enjoy our 13th annual festival. My husband and I spent several hours there today, listening to great music, perusing vendors' wares, and eating at the mobile food court. It was a great time as usual. I played today, because tomorrow I have to "work" (if you can call it that), hosting a tent featuring Scottish country dancers, Irish step dancers (lovely, lovely), and a 100% American clogging team. Clogging, for those who may not know, has its roots in Scots-Irish folkdancing which becomes quite obvious when viewed alongside Irish step dancers. Lots in common.

I have managed to get one or two PMC jewelry bits made and fired today, in spite of my jam packed weekend. So far I've done two pair of earring dangles and four pendants. After I've got everything fired and patinaed to my liking I'll post some photos.

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CG said...

That Scottish festival has always sound so good. Hope you enjoy your Sunday!