Sunday, October 14, 2007

Artful Taste of Autumn

I am dedicating this post to my friend Jules, who will appreciate the garden scenes.

Yesterday was the much-anticipated Artful Taste of Autumn, held at the rural home of Chris and John as a fundraiser for the Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson. Somehow, the October weather in Kansas has always cooperated for this event and this year was no exception.

My booth, with jewelry on the table and scarves hanging from the trees in the background.

My DH David, manfully manning the booth.

Following are several scenes from around the grounds and gardens. It is truly a lovely place.

The gargoyle garden.

Chris and John have built their own outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. It was working overtime last night, and the pizza was delicious.

This is my favorite spot.

A view from my table. It was a wonderful evening.

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CG said...

Oh Susan, how beautiful! I loved my visit to those gorgeous gardens. Your favourite spot would have been mine also - love the blue of that pot!