Thursday, October 18, 2007

Friday jewelry post

I hope you aren't tired of seeing jewelry because that's mainly what I've been doing lately. Click on the images for a closer view. Below is a special order I made up for a client. The pendant and earrings are set with hematite. This is the first thing I've done to hang on a collar rather than a chain of some type.

Simple turquoise and silver. I understand turquoise is currently a hot item. Again.

Silver and dyed pearls. The charm is one I purchased.

I rather like this piece. These are more of my ebay pearls with an amber and silver clasp, sterling beadcones, and a pmc slide. Yummy.


CG said...

Your pieces are so orginal...I'm so wanting them!!

Lesley said...

They are all lovely but I especially like the turquoise bracelet. If turquoise is the next big thing again I'll actually be in fashion for once!!!