Monday, October 1, 2007

Tagged by Lesley

Well, I'm not sure if I can do this or not, but I'll try. Lesley has tagged me with the following instructions:

1. Link the person who has tagged you
2. Tell seven honest things about yourself
3. Tag seven new people
4. Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it

Here are my seven honest things:

I majored in art/education in college to make my dad happy. He thought I'd be unemployable with just an art degree. Ironically, I have never taught art (nor wanted to) but I now make art, belong to a local gallery to display my art, and am much more active as an artist that I ever thought I would be earlier in my life. I'm happy!

My third child, Dylan, was a complete surprise. I was almost 40 when he was born and went through the pregnancy with much trepidation, but he was and is such a joy. I don't know now what we would have done without him.

I'm a soft touch for cats in need of a home. (We currently have 6.)

I lived in Oregon for 12 years, mostly to get away from this small Kansas town where I was raised. However, somewhere along the ways my priorities changed (maybe it was having babies) and I began to value my small Kansas town for its positive, child- and family-friendly aspects. I'm glad to be back. Sometimes I miss the Oregon scenery, but there's no place like home.

I am a trained singer.

I am perfectly capable of purchasing a large ticket item (think cars here) solely on the basis of color. Yikes.

I love to cook, but I'm a lousy piecrust maker. My oldest son Adam knows that if he wants a pie, he has to make the crust. I can come up with the filling, though!

I am hereby tagging the following people:
Julie The Compulsive Worrier
Julie another mixed media artist
Maggie at stitchingwithschnauzerandsiamese
Dianne aka faerydi

And now here is my quandary; I am so new to blogging that I don't have many people to pass this along to. If anyone on my list is willing/able to introduce me to new blog pals, that would be great.

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CG said...

I'm like you; i love to cook but i can't make piecrust!! Weird!