Saturday, June 14, 2008

another busy saturday

Weekends are so busy around here, and this one includes Father's Day to boot, but I wanted to show you a few bracelets I've put together in the last couple of days.

Some of them are missing clasps but that's easy to remedy, and I've got clasps on order. These will be on my table at Art in the Garden.

Tomorrow we will go to my parents' house for a Father's Day barbecue including bbq baby back pork ribs, roast chicken, potato salad, baked beans, and my berry shortcake. Wish you all could join us! Have a great weekend!


Debbi Baker said...

Hi Susan - these look fantastic! And so does the necklace in the previous post. Love the photos of your neighbour's garden - looks beautiful and green! We don't have Fathers Day until September over here but I hope you guys really enjoy yours this weekend.

Maureen said...

Have e mailed you re my lovely card. Wish I could join you as well, sounds a lovely 'feast'

liz said...

Your lovely lovely things arrived yesterday, shook me out of my stupor and I blogged them:) I keep looking at the picture, it's very inspirational, thanks so much.
I do like your bracelets, I would like to make some more jewellery, your colours are lovely.