Monday, June 30, 2008

best laid plans

Well, it was one of "those" weekends. In spite of rather carefully planned blocks of time for housecleaning (which actually did eventually get done, more or less) in order to make time for studio work, things intervened. One of the nicer things was a visit by a family we had been friends with when they lived in the area. They moved to Ohio several years ago and were back to see friends. We had a very nice time with them and marvelled at how their children have grown, plus they've added two more for a total of 6. The two oldest are girls who are interested in making jewelry so of course a visit to my studio was necessary, which was fun for everybody. It was a good visit.

I did make several new pieces, including several pairs of earrings, but didn't have the opportunity to photograph anything at all, what with this and that (you know what I mean?) so that will have to wait til later today.

Our cat Romeo gave us a bit of a scare on Saturday. He didn't put in an appearance in the morning to be fed, which in itself isn't that unusual, but we didn't see him the rest of the day either. Finally in the evening Dave went looking around the neighborhood for him, accompanied by three of our other cats. It turned out Romeo had spent the day on a near neighbor's roof and had been apparently unable to get down (it's a 3 storey house). When Dave located him, meowing piteously, he knocked on the door and asked for the neighbor's help. They managed to get Romeo inside via an upstairs window and soon he was home snarfing food as fast as he could, poor kitty. I hope he's learned his lesson, but I doubt it. Cats, as they say, will be cats.

Have a good Monday everyone.


CG said...

I'm glad Romeo came home!

Lesley said...

I'm glad you got Romeo home safe and sound!

Your weekend sounds like fun :)

Genie said...

Glad he arrived home safely.