Monday, June 9, 2008


I apologize in advance for these less than stellar photos, but I wanted to show you what I accomplished during my time staffing the VAAM Gallery on Saturday. I don't know what made me think a red background was a good idea.

This is glass pearls, orange aventurine chips, crab fire agate, and tiny freshwater pearls. I didn't have a good clasp for this piece yet, so it's without.

This one is burgundy freshwater pearls, a few peacock pearls, dark red Swarovski crystals, silver stardust spacers, and a large Thai silver focal bead, plus fancy end cones and a filigree clasp.

Very hard to see the gorgeous burgundy pearl shade with the red background, but it is really nice.

This piece is silvery gray/green pearls accented with mother-of-pearl disks dyed the same color, plus sterling beads and clasp.

And a closeup. I like this design and may make others in different colors.

After going through my existing jewelry I've decided I really don't need to make a lot more for Art in the Garden so the next couple of weeks may not be as hectic as I originally thought. I do have one or two necklace designs swirling around in my head that I will try to make, plus I'd like to get some more precious metals clay pieces done. I'll keep you posted.


Lesley said...

They're all lovely and I particularly like the last one - great job!!

How lovely to discover you don't have to make too much else for your sale - now, what will you do with all that unexpected extra time?


Julie said...

Beautiful necklaces Susan. I like the mother of pearl one too.

Genie said...

Lovely Work.
Have a great sale. I am away from Friday for a week in Porlock Weir with some Art Friends. so catcht up when i get back.

Maureen said...

Love your necklaces, especially the middle one, good news about the job!!

CG said...

They are very're so talented!!