Thursday, June 12, 2008

another day, another necklace

And alas, another bad photo of a rather nice necklace. My problem is I'm in too big a hurry when I'm photographing to do anything like make sure the background is good, etc. That's a big dichroic glass pendant on multiple woven bead strands.

I took these photos of our neighbor Nancy's garden the night we had Chris's birthday barbecue outside. Nancy is an avid and dedicated gardener, and her house really is that shade of green.

Don't know why this came out so dark. Probably camera operator error.

Nancy's front yard faces west, and this photo captures her garden in the waning evening sunlight.

She's a great neighbor for trading plants and advice.
Hope you're all having a good Thursday.


Susan said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. The necklace looks quite nice and so do all your recent flower images. Best of luck with the new tri-focals. I got my first pair of glasses only two years ago....started out with I'll likely be ordering something chic like your shades in a few years too!

Julie said...

Beautiful necklace Susan and what a lovely garden.

I hope you get on well with your new glasses. I wear varifocals so that I odn't have to change from readers to distance glasses. I think they are similar to your tri-focals as they have areas for near,middle and distance sight.

CG said...

Beautiful neclace and garden photos. That last one is a stunner!!

Kate said...

Hi! I've been bad, but I planted some seeds and kept house, so maybe not that bad! I like your necklace, and I like the colour of your neighbour's house. Yours is the first blog I looked at in AGES!! Glad to see you've been working. Must go and sew... xx

Viv's Visuals said...

The necklace is just gorgeous! garden looks really pretty....must take some of min and upload as I think gardens are definitley for sharing don't you? But not's so dark and the rain isn't far away! Will wait for a sunny day!

Virginia said...
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