Monday, June 2, 2008

teatime at the gallery

The Gallery tea was a huge success yesterday. We served between 70-80 people and everyone had such a good time. They consumed massive quantities of food, which is good because no one wanted to haul a lot of leftovers home. Here's what the tea table looked like before it was demolished.
And here is moi in costume at my serving station. The lovely flowers came from Betty Jo's garden.
Several of the ladies wore hats, which was fun. This is Anne, our resident china painter, with her husband and a friend.

More ladies, with and without hats.

I was definitely footsore by the end of the festivities, but it was a huge success and everyone was very pleased at the turnout and the very fun atmosphere.

Here are a couple more pieces for the garden swap. Above is a tiny canvas, about 3" x 4".
The panel below is 5" square. I've done something different for everyone I've swapped with, which has kept it very interesting for me.
I have received several swap items lately and will post photos of them tomorrow.
Happy Monday, everyone!


Genie said...

Hi Sue, Glad your Gallery Tea was a success,

CG said...

Oh it all lookd delicious :) So good to see you in your outfit. I so wish I could actually meet you one day!!

jlpotter said...

Sweet Sue,
This is your dear mother speaking....I just read your blog after not visiting for a few days. Thanks for your mention on my birthday (your anniversary!)....and many compliments on the pictures of the tea and your trip to K.C. Well done!!
Love from me to you....

Julie said...

Susan, you look lovely and I'm so glad the tea was a great success. I love the napkins!

SaraLynn said...

What a beautiful set up for the tea party! The table looks divine with all those goodies on it!

You look lovely in your dress and hat! I need to try a hat....hmmmm