Friday, May 30, 2008


obviously not my photo--comes from here
I shall be very busy over the next couple of days getting ready for the VAAM Gallery's reception for the china painting exhibit, which will be an afternoon tea. The menu will consist of cucumber sandwiches, Victoria sponge, shortbread, scones, and tiny cheesecakes along with the usual accoutrements of lemon curd (I am making), clotted cream (or something like it--I'm also making that), jams and, of course, tea. I'm responsible for the cucumber sandwiches and shortbread, and for the flowers which I'm almost more excited about than anything else because our roses are blooming at the moment and will make such a gorgeous display. We're dressing up for the part, too, so I shall try to get photos.


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oooh what fun. Macmillan Cancer Care (a UK charity) are having a tea party theme for their summer campaign. Can't wait to see your pictures for inspiration.

Evie (my daughter) and Tuft (her orang utan) are inseparable :o) Sillies are now blogged and Flickr'd. Hope you like 'em.

CG said...

Oh delicious. I wish I was coming. I love homemade lemon curd!

Julie said...

Have a great tea party! I love lemon curd too.

I think your parcel may have arrived today but I have to go to the Post Office to collect it tomorrow as I was out when the postman called :(

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Susan - just catching up on your last three posts - happy to hear you had a wonderful time in Kansas, sad to hear you got sick, happy again to hear you are recovering! Good luck with the exhibition and tea party - sounds like great fun.

Lesley said...

Your tea sounds perfect and I hope you take lots of photos!