Tuesday, May 13, 2008

china painting at the gallery

I had a marvelous day at the VAAM Gallery on Saturday. I always enjoy my day to work because I bring a load of stuff with me and have a studio day.

They've set up the china painting exhibit and it is quite, quite charming. Beautiful work (check out that large urn above--wonderful) and it gives the Gallery a nice, light, springy feeling.

The china painters are mostly elderly ladies (one is over 90 and her hand is steady enough for this exacting, unforgiving work) who take lessons from one of our Gallery members. I love the platter below, with blossoms and berries.

And these are some of my handmade books on display right now. Sorry for the uncropped photo!

This is a fabric book of mine in a garden theme.

Here are a couple of pieces I worked on during my day at the Gallery. They will both be part of my garden themed swap. These both happen to be postcards, but I'm making a variety of things, so those of you with whom I'm swapping can look forward to being surprised (in a nice way, I hope!).

And finally, this is one thing I picked up on my latest foray to Hobby Lobby. My favorite store.

This is hanging in my studio as you can probably tell by the wall color.
I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday.


CG said...

Wonderful photos...I really covet the china and your books and other goodies. I like your sign; it's somethinh we all should be reminded to do, every day!

Julie said...

I used to do china painting many years ago! Not as expertly as these ladies though. You have some lovely books there.

Maureen said...

That is beautiful china painting, how wonderful to do that standard of work at 90!. love your books etc and your sign.

Kate said...

It was nice to see the china painting - I don't know if anyone does that here (certainly not to that standard!!). xx