Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yes, I was an HR Pufnstuf fan as a much younger person.

These little bundles of orangeness represent my entire evening's studio time for last night. I found them at the bottom of a work bag I was sorting out, in such a snarl I almost despaired before I even started. However, I persevered, and now they are separate and beautiful fibers waiting to be turned into something wonderful.

As I was fixing supper last night, Dylan hauled out his kid cookbook (every kid should have one) and found a recipe for jumbo chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. Knowing that Mom can do multiple things at once, he asked me to help him make them. So between cooking (OK, it was only macaroni & cheese with sausages, but still) and unloading the dishwasher, we put together the dry ingredients, then I managed to call a halt until after we'd eaten. Dylan is getting very good at measuring things out and I'm trying to teach him cooking terminology as we go. After we'd got the cookie dough put together, I turned over the actual baking to Dave so I could go to my studio. The cookies turned out very well and we even managed to save some from the predations of Dylan's two older brothers who can always be counted on to snarf any home baked goods in nothing flat.

We were in severe weather warnings last night, with actual cloud rotation (ie pre-tornado activity) nearby, so we kept an eye on things but it seemed to pass to the north of us. It's that time of year.


Maureen said...

Looking forward to see what those gorgeous orange fibres end up as - maureen x

Julie said...

Oooh! Tornado's, we get them here too but not usually as bad as the ones you get. I have never experienced one. It must be a bit scary living in a regular tornado area. Do you have a shelter or designated area in the house?

Aussie Jo said...

Gorgeous fibres. I have quite a few of the assorted fibres packs and after a few tangles, I now make appropriate sized rectangles from cereal boxes and wrap them around, with a slit to keep the end in place, then put them in a zip lock bag. Keeps them clean and untangled. I'll try to remember to put a photo on the blog next entry.

Genie said...

Lovely colours Susan, I posted my swap to you yesterday. must run should be getting ready for work.when all i want to do is stay here and play.

Yummers! said...

I just read the last few posts and your rug is BEAUTIFUL!! It is exactly perfect for your room.

I went to college in Missouri and I remember the tornados very well. We have them here, too, but not with the frequency of your area.

Enjoy organizing your room!!

Kate said...

Mmmmm, orange. Mmmmmmmm, cookies. Ummm, child off school when not really sick, friend came round...has bug. Mmmmm, we'll see. :-( Kids like ours don't get too close to each other, so we may be all right! Oh well. Hope weather improves. xx

Lesley said...

I admire your patience untangling those fibres! I have two biscuit tins full of tangled bits!

I hope the tornados continue to miss you this season!


CG said...

I still use the cookie recipe you sent me. I hope those tornadoes stay well away!!