Friday, May 16, 2008

gorgeousness in the mail

I'm definitely coming out the winner in this swap thing. Have a look at this:

From Maureen, these two gothic arch cards. I'm really fascinated with this shape. Aren't they lovely?

Genie really outdid herself with this selection of beautiful things. The tiny painting I just adore. And the little charm on the right is so cute.

Look at this great piece from Gail V. It's red chili peppers, and she told me in the note enclosed that she grows peppers, then strings and dries them as gifts for friends. How cool (or warm, as they're hot chili peppers). Note the radish ribbon border. It's one of Gail's favorites, so I feel really lucky to have rated its inclusion in this piece.
Needless to say I'm having a great time with this swap and not the least bit blue anymore.
This Sunday our second son, Christopher, turns 18. I can't believe the time has gone so quickly. Sounds trite, but it's absolutely true. We're having family over for a barbecue on Saturday evening to celebrate. The menu (chosen by Chris) is grilled steaks and brats (he's a true carnivore), creamed corn (homemade), sauteed green beans and almonds, tossed salad, and red velvet cake. I'm also going to make that raspberry ice cream I mentioned several days ago because I want to try out the recipe. I will get some photos of Chris on his birthday to share with the rest of you.
Chin up, everyone; it's Friday! Unless you're one of my Australian readers, but you know what I mean. :-)


Maureen said...

Glad you liked your Arches, you are getting some lovely goodies. Have a good party, food sounds great!.

Julie said...

Lovely goodies in the post :) Have a lovely celebration! xx

Gwen (Minimaker) said...

Hello there ArtyBliss, thank you for introducing yourself on my blog. You have a very interesting and exciting Blog. Your passion for all different works of art is very obvious.
I have only been using the PC for about eighteen months, and I am finding it quite exciting that I can send virtual {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} to people such as your kind self, all over the world. xxx ;-D

Kate said...

We LOVE red velvet cake! Yum. Hope the party is lovely! Have a great weekend!! xx

Viv's Visuals said...

Fab new set of piccies for me to drool over! Gothic arches are terrif (but then everything Maureen does is fabby!) and the chillies are definitely red hot! Genie also excelled herself! Bet you love the mail man! Have fun at the party. x

liz said...

Ahh, I bet you can't believe it, 18 already. I have a Christopher too, but he's only 10.
What lovely things you have. Mine should be on its way soon:)

CG said...

Aren't they lovely things? You must be thrilled :)