Monday, May 19, 2008

true confessions

OK, so I'm still sorting things out in my studio. What do you think I have the most of? Fibers! This entire drawer is packed to bursting with all kinds of fibers. I found fibers I don't even remember buying, and the worst part is that after I took this photo I found even MORE fibers. How ridiculous. I should sell some of this stuff on Etsy, at least the stuff I have duplicates of. Golly.

Ati's swap arrived in the mail on Saturday. As she says, it turned into more of a landscape than a true garden, but isn't it lovely? Thank you so much, Ati.

It's a spectacularly beautiful day here today. Dylan is off on a school field trip to an outdoor museum. He was very excited. He has a sack lunch and a bottle of lemonade--he's all set.
Have a great Monday everyone.


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Ooh loads of scrummy things in the last couple of posts. Those candles are fantastic! Wish we had huge stripey candles in the UK.
And your garden swap is beautiful. I made a teeny piece of felt at work today. The students were all busy working away so rather than twiddle my thumbs I twiddled some fibres hehe.
You must make some dolls again. I'd love to see some of yours. They are just the best thing as you can use such a variety of skills to make and embellish them. Enjoy your gorgeous weather. It's gone cold here so we have 'proper' English summer weather now. *sob*

CG said...

your garden swap is beautiful!I hope Dylan enjoyed his school trip and the nice weather :)

Julie said...

Happy Monday Susan! I hope Dylan enjoyed his picnic lunch and the field trip.

Maybe I shouldn't send you any extra fibres with my garden swap then? lol