Friday, May 2, 2008

an award and time for a party

Kate has graciously given me this award which I appreciate very much, and which I am passing to the following:
I understand everyone is EXTREMELY busy and may or may not be able to pass this along, but I wanted to use the award mainly to express my appreciation to you all for your friendship and for inspiring me.

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In the spring of every year, around the end of school, my town has a week-long celebration. It's been going on for 80 or 90 years and began as a celebration of 8th grade graduation. Over the years it has expanded to include all kinds of activities, concerts, contests, a carnival with rides and games, a May Fete in the park (complete with maypole winding and the crowning of the May Queen), and culminates in a parade. Communities from all over this part of the state participate, especially in the May Fete and parade which includes marching bands and floats from all over. The festivities begin this weekend, in fact they're setting up the carnival right now. As luck would have it the carnival grounds are about three blocks from my house so of course Dylan is agog. This is a very, very big deal in this community. The parade is a week from today on May 9. Schools are out and businesses are closed on that day. I'll try to remember to take my camera to the parade so I can show you some of the hoopla.

My rug has arrived!! We will pick it up at Wal-Mart today.


Genie said...

Thanks For the award Susan. I'm speechless, Which as i do not say a lot,Says a lot!LOL
Enjoy the parade.
Thanks once again Jean

Maureen said...

Many thanks for the award Sue, a lovely surprise - maureen x

Julie said...

I used to enjoy riding the Carousel as a child :) We have a fair in my home town about twice a year. They close the Market Street and set all the rides and stalls up. Fun for the kids!

Susan said...

I'll be blogging about this within the next half hour but thought I'd leave a comment here!

YOU'RE THE WINNER of my second anniversary of blogging gift! I'll pop it in the mail on Monday. Obviously, I have your address from CYBER FYBER!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Susan!!
Thanks so much for the award- you are sweet!! It looks like your new studio is coming along beautifully- LOVE the rug!!! You are soooo lucky to have won Susan Lenz' giveaway- what a treasure!! you deserve it !!

CG said...

Oh I love carousels! Enjoy yur day!!