Thursday, May 8, 2008

oh frabjous day!

How lucky am I? In one day to get all this gorgeousness, I just can't believe it. First, from Cathi this selection of fabrics, trims, sequins (YAY!), a star shaped piece of Conemara marble, and two bars of chocolate (they didn't last long enough to be photographed with their labels intact). Thank you, Cathi, I enjoy our blog friendship.

And then, from Susan Lenz, the marvelous prize I won in her drawing celebrating two years' blogging. TA-DAAAAAAA!

It is truly wonderful. Now I just have to find a suitable place to hang it. It's too nice to hide away in my studio.

Googling around the blogosphere this morning I came across this recipe for raspberry ice cream. It may be a bit early for fresh raspberries, but there are always the frozen variety. I thought it looked absolutely yummo and very easy to make--you don't even need an ice cream freezer.

In other news, my DH has two interviews scheduled, this after sending out four resumes to places in his field (audiology/hearing testing/hearing aid fitting and service). These people only received the resumes yesterday morning and had called by mid-morning and early afternoon. Dave is quite enthused. Thanks again to all of you for your support. I'll keep you posted.

Have a great Thursday everyone.


Cathi said...

Glad you liked it all, but wow, what a great piece of art you won! Lucky girl!!

CG said...

Oh how lovely they all are! i'm glad you're happy :)

Genie said...

Lucky girl, Love your new orange diasies.

Maureen said...

Lucky you getting the goodies and not making that wicked Ice cream recipe, I'd have the Slimming World Mafia on the doorstep but it does look good.

Julie said...

Great news about your DH. Wish him luck from me.
The piece from Susan is beautiful and what a bumper bundle from Cathi.

PS I like your new header.

Kate said...

I'm liking your flowers, too. Bust Oscar is making me feel a bit guilty. Must finish bag (that'd count, right!). Hope interviews go well (and I know your hubby wouldn't have made Lexie go to the hospital so many times with her ears!!). xx