Monday, May 5, 2008

heavy weather

Kansas is doing it's thing today, and this being spring it's thing is bad weather. As of this past weekend they were still having snow in far western Kansas, next to Colorado. Crazy. My parents are on their way home from my brother's house in Omaha, Nebraska so I hope they don't run into anything nasty.

We had a good weekend around our house. I finished all my pieces for the new show at VAAM Gallery, which opens tomorrow. I will get some photos to post. It should be a good show. Moved stuff into my studio, but I still have a lot of sorting to do, and I may end up getting rid of some stuff, either to the thrift store or to my bloggy friends (watch this space!). When I sit in my "new" studio, my only concern is that I will enjoy being there so much I'll be able to convince myself that the rest of the house doesn't exist! Nice problem to have, I guess.

Hope you're all having a fabulous Monday.


Julie said...

Hope your parents got home safely Susan. Impressive weather pic. It is finally warming up here - nice and sunny today.

Maureen said...

Yes a lovely day here today, almost like summer. Be interested to see what you discard from your stash- you're being very brave!

Genie said...

lovely picture, we had good weather today the rain stayed away till late afternoon, by then we were home from a long walk. enoy your sort through