Tuesday, May 6, 2008

sorting, sort of

I've been busily sorting and have piles more to do. Oh my. However, my studio is now so cozy and inviting that I don't mind the sorting time. I usually listen to a book on tape as I'm working. It's P.G. Wodehouse right now, "The Code of the Woosters". As I was working away last night my #2 son Chris came bringing me some white lilacs from our flowering shrub in the front garden. You can see them on the table above. They smell heavenly.

I'm determined to really have things in good order before I begin any work, but I've been planning my swap items (they may not all be the same thing--I'm funny that way) and have had some good ideas.


Lesley said...

Oooh you're moving in!! How exciting!
I think you're going to really enjoy your new space :)


CG said...

Aren't audio books great? I love your room.

Julie said...

I have a white lilac in my garden too that is just coming into flower. They do smell wonderful, don't they?

The studio is shaping up well :)