Sunday, May 4, 2008

sunny sunday

I got a parcel in yesterday's mail filled with goodies from my friend Jules. She sent me this sweet address book (where I will keep blog addresses and bloggers' addresses for swaps!) and several cards featuring her wonderful photography. Thanks Jules, you made my day!

This is one of the features of my newly revamped studio that I'm most excited about. It is a shelf to hold all my art books and crafty magazines. Does this mean I will limit myself to only what will fit on this shelf? Well.....:-)

I am moving in in earnest. We should actually have our dining room available to eat in by this evening. Progress!


CG said...

Glad you got the parcel!!
And hope the move goes well :)

Maureen said...

Hope you enjoy your new studio, it certainly looks good -now remember -KEEP IT TIDY!!!! - will post out my swaps to you on tuesday, no post tomorrow as is May day holiday.

Debbi Baker said...

Now that shelf looks like it will hold a lot of books! Hope the move went well - imagine how much fun you are going to have in there!!