Thursday, June 26, 2008

mea culpa

Sorry for the long absence. Things have just been rather busy around the house.

Since my successful Saturday at Art in the Garden I've been readying some jewelry pieces to go onto etsy. I hope to accomplish that tomorrow. For now here are some photos of representative pieces I will be attempting to sell on etsy.

This is a lovely 3-strand piece of amethyst and garnet beads strung with bali silver and accented with a handmade glass pendant bead, finished with a sterling silver clasp. It sits about collarbone level.
This necklace features textured fine silver disks alternating with topaz Swarovski crystals, suspended from a sterling silver chain. I made the silver disks myself.

This is a bracelet featuring lampworked borosilicate glass beads on hand-formed (by me) silver links, with a silver clasp I made and accented with a Hill Tribes silver charm.

I will be posting lots more stuff on etsy. The only problem is finding time to take photos of things I don't already have pictures of, but I'll get there eventually.

Hope you're all doing well.

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CG said...

Oh wow, I'm awestruck at your jewellery. I'm trying to economise otherwise I'd be buying all your stuff.