Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here's another necklace strung for Art in the Garden. The starfish pendant is Murano glass and the strands are various semiprecious stones, wood, glass, and silver. The clasp is one I bought a long time ago and had never made anything it seemed right on; it is set with aquamarines.

I'm pretty happy with this piece. The photo is dark and doesn't do it justice, though.

I'm still madly stringing away. Not much time left until Saturday and Art in the Garden. I will take photos to share.


Maureen said...

Love this one - just my sort, mind - they are all lovely!

CG said...

Oh that's beautuiful!!

Julie said...

Beautiful Susan! Good luck on Saturday. :)

Lesley said...

You've been so busy!! I'm just playing catch up and I love the bracelets and necklaces you've made.
I hope you sell out tomorrow - good luck :)


liz said...

OOH it's Saturday here as I write, so I guess you are at your art in the garden. Hope it goes well for you. Love the starfish necklace, looks like a lot of work went into that.

Genie said...

Hi Sue, I am back from hols,
hope all went well on Saturday.