Wednesday, October 29, 2008

autumn in the country

Last Saturday evening, after a wonderful day teaching fiber arts, my family joined several other families we're friends with on a hay ride and cookout potluck at the farm belonging to one of the families. It was a lovely evening, especially for this late in October--not too cool, no wind, clear skies. Here are some folks gathering around the fire with their camp chairs.

Doug had made a great fire pit, lined with rocks (slate, I think) from the nearby river. He had previously cut down some dying trees on his place, ash and oak, which made a wonderful fire.

This is really rustic, al fresco dining! I think that's part of a painting scaffold serving as a buffet table.

The sun about to go down behind the rock wall facing the fire pit area.

The kids played hide-and-seek in the dusk, we could hear coyotes and owls in the (not too far off) distance, and the grownups sat around the fire chatting and laughing until long after dark. It was a wonderful evening.

Hope you're all having a super Wednesday.


Robin Mac said...

Looks like a good old Aussie picnic to me, just great fun, and wonderful family acticities. Loved your blog on the teaching, I agree with the others, pity we couldn't all be there. Cheers, Robin

Genie said...

Glad you had a fun eve Sue,
Hopefully the Gremlins have moved on as have had a better day.

Genie said...

Me again
a surprise waiting for you on my blog

Lesley said...

What a perfect evening :-)