Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i'm so clever

Well, I got a bit of a brainstorm yesterday regarding those double pointed needles I couldn't find at Wal-Mart. I was in that store on my lunch hour yesterday to pick up a prescription refill and went into the yarn aisle to see if there was something I hadn't seen before. I noticed that in the clearance section there were several pairs of bamboo knitting needles and I got to wondering what might happen if I cut the ends off those needles and sharpened them--would that make them into useable double pointed needles? Answer: YES! I bought 2 pair very inexpensively and brought them back to work, asked our very kind maintenance manager if he'd cut the ends off (which he graciously did with hardly any snickering), then I used the electric pencil sharpener in my office to put points on the cut ends, smoothed them up a little with my emery board and I had my double pointed needles. I was a bit concerned that even Hobby Lobby wouldn't have dpn's in the diameter I wanted anyway, so I was doubly happy. I finished my hat from yesterday and started another right away.

On the subject of yarns and knitting, has anyone seen this:

It's felting yarn, wool yarn apparently made especially for felting. Something tells me I'll be checking into this fairly soon.

Hope you're all having a fantastic Wednesday.


Lesley said...

What a great tip!! Much less slippy than metal needles too.

I haven't been by for a while and it looks like you've been very busy! Your pieces in the gallery show look great. I hope it was a success.

Sorry to hear about your knee :( Let's hope they time the surgery just right for you.


CG said...

You are very clever indeed :)

Maureen said...

Good one with the needles and that yarn looks really interesting.

Julie said...

Lovely colours in that yarn Susan.